The Band

We're a band. We play music.

Mike Bozzoli

Vocals, bass

Boz watches Bill play his guitar while playing his 4 string bass electric guitar with a wire that runs to a speaker. Bill screams every so often just to Mike’s stage left.

In his spare time, he notifies the authorities that Bill screams every so often in hopes that they will try and incarcerate him like the wolfman. (He’s kind of a big deal).

Bill Latas

Guitar, vocals

Bill plays guitar and screams every so often

Andrew Moore

Drums, percussive devices

You may not recognize Andrew Moore without the long hair and lipstick. However, as the original drummer for the band Enuff Z Nuff (you may remember the song “Fly High Michelle”) he enjoyed 15 minutes of fame, only to be chewed up and spit out by the cruel record industry. Unable to get a “real” job, he joined the now-defunct Queen tribute band “We Will Rock You.”

Trey DeBose

Sax, harp, vocals...other stuff

Trey likes to show off his buttocks while he plays. All you have to do is ask him. You never know what stick he is pushin’ to play his percushin

Jim Parker

Guitar, occasional talking

I like songs that need whammy bars and posing like 80’s hair band guitar players during the high note at the end of their solos but I pose like that all the time. When I am not playing my guitar I usually have my right thumb on the inside of my jean belt buckle, my long-sleeved shirt with 5 snaps undone, extra chest hair hanging out I stole from my chia pet, my finger pointing at people as my head moves back as I gesture “what up?”, a choice long-haired rock and roll wig hanging down, and I just repeat the part from the Led Zeppelin song ‘Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You’ when he says “Babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, babe, babe” all as I walk down the street with an unlit cig stuck to my lips. That is pretty much me…

Matt Hartnett

Keyboards, vocals

So many bands, so little time.

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