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Perpetual Change is a Kansas City based rock cover band specializing in recreating the sounds of the '80s & '90s with a few originals thrown in as well as a few from the 00's. We invite you to our next show to let loose, have a beer, hook up, hang out, relax, part your hair down the middle, feather it, stick a big comb out of your back pocket, wear parachute pants if you must, or anything else that reminds you of the 80's.


Leeesun! Linda! Lickit! Two More Shows in 2014!!!

Perpetual Change, One of America’s Cover Bands, will be playing two more times in 2014.  We need your presence or there is no telling what we’ll do with your rectal thermometer.

November 15th at The Local Tap in Overland Parker, KS…right next door to FUEL.  If you find FUEL, go next door.  If it isn’t The Local Tap, go to the other next door.  10pm to 1am.

December 6th at The Local Tap in Overland Parker, KS.  10pm to 1am.

INSTRUCTIONS IF SOMEONE WILL NOT GO:  Ask them politely.  If they say “no” again follow the example of the little kid in the video below.  He is very persuasive and if you follow his example word for word (insert your own friend’s name for Linda), you will be successful.


I hope to see you in the next few weeks at one of the shows.

Jim  -  TMR

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What? Sneaking in Another Show in Blue October? Go Royals!!!

We all remember the guy who said, “I’d buy that for a dollar” right?  Well there is a new one in town where you can walk in and say “I’d tap that for a dollar!”   Perpetual Change is playing at a brand new bar right next door to FUEL (same owner) called “Local Tap” this Saturday night October 25th  starting right after the Royals game is over and playing until 1am.  Come help us kick off a new bar!!!

Imaging the gorgeous bartender when your buddy takes a chance and says to her “I’d like to tap that!” yet somehow she isn’t offended…what?  That’s because you will be at the Local Tap where over 60 beers are on tap and you can “tap that” anytime you want.  Oh the insanity!

We apologize for the late notice but we just learned about this Saturday.  And there is a good chance that if you are reading this you just read, read.

Local Tap!  A dive bar where no muff is too tough, we dive at 5pm!  Or rather the doors to the dive bar open at 5pm on Saturday night and the game starts at 7:07pm.  Pizza, Pints, Platters…and Perpetual Change until 1am!  Come on out!!!


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October is hear! Bring me a beer! Trick or Trout!

Perpetual Change, One of America’s Cover Bands, will be playing in October at both Fuel and The Well for your entertainment…enjoyment…something like that.  We would be honored if you would grace us with your mad dance skills, impressive imbibing accomplishments, and overall ka-nack for spontaneously planning to be on fire with a mission of good times.

Wear your best bra, your wildest tightie-whities, Axe cologne for men who need to shower better, man-scape, woman-scape…I mean you best come prepared to hang from the ceilings, dance on the tables, and wiggle like your johnson is on fire and the only way to put it out is to do the worm across the floor to a bucket of water used to dowse the flames that flare up from the sexiness oozing from all of the naked body shots.   Or…just come hang out and have a few beers and enjoy the tunes from one of America’s cover bands.

October 4th we are at FUEL in Overland Parker, KS.  119th and Metcalf.

October 18th we are at The Well in Waldo…a few doors down from Waldo Pizza…where they get pissed when you talk about corporate pizza.

I hope you will pick a date then pick a date to come hang with us!

Roctober…it isn’t just for bad cliches anymore.  If you come see us it will actually be October and you will actually be Rocking…so I have coined the original phrase never heard before…Roctober.   I know…right?

Trick or Trout!!!

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July 26th – Family Time at The Legends – 5pm to 7pm

Every now and then we do a show where nobody can complain it is too late for them to stay up or they can’t bring their kids.  This July 26th from 5pm – 7pm in front of the movie theater by the water fountain at The Legends shopping center (by the Kansas Speedway), Perpetual Change is going to rock the house…well technically since we are playing outside we are going to rock the entire world…or at least the part of the world that can hear us…so part of the world…like a partial rocking…that is okay for knocking if you see the rocking etc.

We have been working day and night to replace the bad words in the lyrics with sing with alternatives appropriate for children so fear not, purity will prevail.

Can you name the fixed songs from the partial lyrics?:
“Your socks are on fire”
“When Mister Nation slaps a Nun then you’re praying cheesy.”
“I want you to want tea.”
“Can we forget about the things I said when I was a monk.”

See…we are ready for the kids.  And don’t worry, Mike won’t have on his short-shorts so when he bends over, nobody will be able to see his balls.

Come on out to The Legends in KCK just North of the Kansas Speedway on July 26th from 5pm – 7pm.  Bring your kids.  Bring your spouse.  Bring your lawn chair.  It will be a lot like Andy Kaufman on Carson…but with a cover band instead of Andy Kaufman.


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March 1st 2014, FUEL Overland Parker, KS 10pm to 1am.

The waiting is over.  Somebody finally updated this website.  Whew.

Come out and join Perpetual Change – One of America’s Cover Bands – March 1st, 2014 at FUEL in Overal Parker, KS for the first annual “Night of Pants”.   Stuff’em like you’re Ron Jeremy or Miley Cyrus in spandex cameling it in the desert.  The Night of Pants will be legendary.

I look forward to seeing everyone of you on March 1st.  Until then…I leave you with the greatest pants every invented…So Fine Jeans.


-Jim  TMR

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