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Perpetual Change is a Kansas City based rock cover band specializing in recreating the sounds of the '80s & '90s with a few originals thrown in as well as a few from the 00's. We invite you to our next show to let loose, have a beer, hook up, hang out, relax, part your hair down the middle, feather it, stick a big comb out of your back pocket, wear parachute pants if you must, or anything else that reminds you of the 80's.


Perpetual Change May 14th at Local Tap!

Perpetual Change, One of America’s Cover Bands, is playing May 14th at Local Tap in Overland Parker, KS from 10pm to 1am. If you can muster, then muster…on down and order a cocktail/beer/wine-cooler and some pizza; then make your dancing shoes smoke from the friction generated from your swaying hips and grinding surprises.

12 Times a Taco? The Overbearing Mother of a Slug? Adventures Swinging from God’s Uvula? Sexy Sheep and the Men Who Love Them? Once you have read all of these books, you’ll be ready for a night with Perpetual Change; so come well educated and ready to spring up like a rabid baby hedgehog eating baking soda, drinking vinegar, and watching kitty bully-fight videos. Don’t tell me that this is an envelope! It is a mission!

So we’ll see you Saturday night May 14th at Local Tap! It will be a powerful night so I say (in a soft butterfly whisper) there are going to be some bodies hit the floor. Sweet!


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Feb You Airy Twen T eth – Low Cal Tap

Perpetual Change is kicking off 2016 February 20th at Local Tap in Overland Parker, KS from 10pm to 1am. It is Andrew Dice Clay impersonation night so please wear leather, sunglasses, bring your pack’a'smokes, along with your favorite nursery rhyme book. It is a two insult minimum and only chain smoking is allowed in the bathroom so don’t forget your inhaler and a pack of menthol flavored Cheez Whiz for all the crackers you bring to the gig.

But seriously folks, we appreciate all of your support and appreciate every person who comes to our shows, has a good time, dances a bit, smacks the tambourine around, and falls down without getting hurt. Speaking of that it is ‘Mandatory Underwear Night’ as well. Ain’t nobody got time for fall down cilia crack moments.

We look forward to hanging out in 2016. Please remember to comb your hair before each show.

See you on the 20th!


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Wockin’ in a Winter Wonderland – December 12th, 2015 – Local Tap – 10pm to 1am!

It’s the last show of the year for Perpetual Change, One of America’s Cover Bands, and the excitement is building up like the pressure in a high-schooler’s zit just before it bursts and soils the mirror on prom night.  We are looking forward to playing and it is going to be one big historic night…and…the evening will be full of surprises.

Aside from the band’s cover tunes entering your ear canal at a reasonable volume, Stephen Bayer, a Kansas City legend, is going to announce the band and be the emcee for the night.  Stephen announces all of the Shamrock MMA fights and only has the ability to speak at the top of his lungs with really long, animated, words that age you from their intensity if you get too close.  I didn’t have to shave for a week the last time I was within 12 inches of one of his intros…and he has been kicked out of 12 confessionals this month alone for inappropriate volume…and confessions.  He is Rocky, Rambo, and Robert De Niro, all rolled up into one machine…pure awesomeness!

So put on your rally hats, take a break from Christmas shopping, stop scratching yourself, get off the couch, and come make some memories with us on the 12th.  You were born for nights like this.  See you on December 12th at Local Tap in Overland Parker, KS!


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August 28th at The Well in Waldo! 10pm to 1am

Come join us on August 28th from 10pm to 1am as we prepare to rattle the hardware inside the garage door stage at The Well in Waldo.  We will be spewing music from our souls into your brains and expect to see a little come out of your ears if we are doing it right.  Drinks will be overflowing like a toilet in the bathroom of a 747 during happy hour in the middle of a 9 hour delay on a hot tarmac so you don’t want to miss this night!

What better way to do back to school than by getting out and letting off some steam?  If the imprint of your couch looks like your azz due to lack of living, then you need to get out and live!  We are providing you with the way to do that on August 28th.  Sweet!

The Well is in Waldo a few doors down from Waldo Pizza…they don’t like corporate pizza so don’t look’em in the eye…just keep walking down to The Well and everything will be okay.

In honor of this back to school night celebration, Mr. Garvey will be taking roll so be present or get ready to go to war!   Ay Ay Ron!!!

See you on the 28th!



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June 19th Kansas City Power & Light District!!! June 20th Big Slick KC!!!

These nights will go down in history just like anything else in history but it will be cooler for the history books than if you were just reading the paper at home in the morning in your boxers with a turtle head sticking out or running to the bathroom for the first of the three “S”‘s with a different turtle head screaming to get out. But I digress…

Perpetual Change is playing at Kansas City Power & Light District’s KC Live Stage Friday night June 19th from 9pm’ish to 12:30am’ish. It only happens once a year if we’re lucky folks so please come hang out with us!!! It will be a blast! Trey has a wireless microphone and an azz on him you can bounce a quarter into a cup with precision from 10 feet away…or it could mean he is stubborn…I will get back to you on that. Regardless of what crime you have to commit to be there, be there…but try to be there by at least 9pm as Mike is going to do a colon cleanse with small puppy, some hot mustard, and a bologna sandwich.

The following night June 20th we are hidden way behind the curtains and playing as the “Where is that Music Coming From; It Sounds Like Perpetual Change” band, in the worlds greatest fundraising event for Children’s Mercy Hospital, ‘The Big Slick’ at the Midland Theater. You will not want to miss this night as it will be filled with incredibly cool celebrities who will deliver their awesomeness to the audience while secretly hypnotizing them into giving money for the children of Children’s Mercy. Last year Austin Powers reported they raised one meellion dollars…this year only Chuck Mangione and God himself know the limit.

Do whatever you have to do to be present this weekend as it might be more exciting than Meg Ryan doing her thing at a diner. Will you REALLY have what she’s having? Or will you just sit on edge during the spin cycle and wish you would have been in the game…the choice is yours.

See you June 19th and June 20th!!!


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