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Perpetual Change is a Kansas City based rock cover band specializing in recreating the sounds of the '80s & '90s with a few originals thrown in as well as a few from the 00's. We invite you to our next show to let loose, have a beer, hook up, hang out, relax, part your hair down the middle, feather it, stick a big comb out of your back pocket, wear parachute pants if you must, or anything else that reminds you of the 80's.


March 1st 2014, FUEL Overland Parker, KS 10pm to 1am.

The waiting is over.  Somebody finally updated this website.  Whew.

Come out and join Perpetual Change – One of America’s Cover Bands – March 1st, 2014 at FUEL in Overal Parker, KS for the first annual “Night of Pants”.   Stuff’em like you’re Ron Jeremy or Miley Cyrus in spandex cameling it in the desert.  The Night of Pants will be legendary.

I look forward to seeing everyone of you on March 1st.  Until then…I leave you with the greatest pants every invented…So Fine Jeans.


-Jim  TMR

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November 16th – FUEL – Overland Parker, KS

The month of November might bring thoughts of killing turkeys, stories of Columbo, and really big square belt buckles on a hat, but I want to bring you a different story.  But honestly, I am drawing a blank so although I want to bring you a different story I got nothing.

Well…Jed was a man who liked to party.  He liked to eat turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving. He liked to rock and pick up chicks.  Holly liked to dance, eat turkey…not chickens.  So they met at FUEL when Perpetual Change was playing, dated for a while, and then broke up when they tried to break the barrier and ended up fighting over tattoos, malt liquor, and smokes too much.

Its needs some work but at least it is a start.

Please come see Perpetual Change “One of America’s Cover Bands” play its only show in the month of November at FUEL, an American Made Bar & Grill.  I don’t know how you get any more patriotic than that at Thanksgiving…do you?

Want better?  Ironband, the worlds most enigmatic running, cycling, and triathlon rock band is playing before us.  Ironband plays at 9pm.  Perpetual Change plays at 10pm.  Perpetual Change can only rock you.  Ironband can rock AND roll you as they are all cyclists who are in shape and fall within proper BMI parameters.

November 16th.  FUEL.  Ironband 9pm.  Perpetual Change 10pm.  Come on out.

I guarantee you can break the barrier with that someone special after an incredible night of rock & roll by these two bands.  Pffft.  See you on 11/16 at 9pm.


-Jim  TMR

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September what?

Hello folks!  Perpetual Change is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get right?  Which brings me to September.  This month is full of Perpetual Change playing all over the place.  From a church party to well…a Well party…to the Plaza Art Fair…this band is all over the place. Crazy I tell ya.

For you who regularly visit this website…or should I say, to the guy who regularly comes to our website, this post is all about staying out of trouble.  With that said, I hope that you come visit us at Westside Family Church September 8th located at Highway 7 and 83rd St in Lenexa, KS.  It is a family event and there will be gigantic inflatables, rides, games, and fun for the kids and the entire family.  Church starts at 10am.  The band plays from noon to 4 with a few breaks in there when thirsty or a potty break for Mike etc.  For those of you who ask us about doing gigs where you can bring the kids…this is it!

On September 14th we will be playing at The Well in Waldo; one of the greatest places the Tiki Torch has ever been lit.  High atop the building you’ll find enough flames to cook a burger, roast a chicken, or slightly braise a Chateaubriand.  Historically, it was the first spot in the United States where the earliest cavemen were found to do two things at the same time at night…eating, drinking, and listening to live music.  Things haven’t changed at The Well in thousands of years so come out and steak your place in history with a good meal, a tasty beverage, and some lively tunes.  It is truly where clubbin’ began.

On September 21st, we will take the stage at the premier art event in the world, the Plaza Art Festival on the Country Club Plaza.  Nowhere on this earth will you be able to find a group of Kansas Citians enjoying art like this group will be in that place on that night.  Around 8pm’ish, we will be doing jumping jacks, deep knee bends, and using the thigh master as we warm up for our show that will start around 8:15′ish.  We will play until 10pm or until the cows come home…but probably 10pm because that is when the art fair is over that night.  So come out and bring your ascot because you’re going to need it.

And to switch to a personal note, many people have asked me what it is like inside Tony Trevino’s house, the guitar player from Rattle & Hum.  To be honest…I don’t know because he always calls the police on me when I try to get in his window at night…but this video clip was taken by his friend Pat Ross (in the beard and hat) and his friend Brian Rice (behind the camera), and really gives you insight into the man who truly loves his guitars and spends a little time introducing us to them.

I hope to see you in September and in the mean time, enjoy this look inside Tony’s house.


Peace, love, rock & roll.

Jim  -TMR

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Fuel – 7/26/2013

Straight off the slickest show we’ve ever done, Perpetual Change has gambled enough and is ready to rock out in Overland Parker, Kansas this Friday night at FUEL at 119th and Metcalf.

There is a new Prince born in England, Twinkies are back, Lindsey Lohan didn’t go to prison this week, Anchorman 2 will be out later this year, and Shirley Jones finally admits she was a porn star.  Does life get any better than this?  I don’t think so.  If you couldn’t partake in any of that good news the least you can do is get yourself down to FUEL Friday night 7/26 and make great news all night long while listening to Perpetual Change and asking yourself why a 4 hour Cialis warning is a bad thing.  Hmmm.

Anyhow…life is short.  Staying at home on your couch is a bad idea.  Friday night is commando night so please leave your underwear at home.  They will be checking at the door.

Nobody wore underwear during the entire taping of Anchorman 2.  Its true. I looked it up.

See you Friday night.  9:30pm to 1am.  Rock.

Jim  -TMR

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Perpetual Change at The Well June 15th 9:30pm to 1am

Well…it’s that time of year again. Sweaty legs rubbing together as they stroll down the sidewalk making noises so loud crickets crotch-jump just to see where the beautiful sounds is emanating, people wearing swim suits who shouldn’t that bring the word undulating to mind and the phrase ‘topography map’(okay maybe just my gut), old men sitting down in chairs commando style with horrifying parts hanging out just because it isn’t actually illegal to expose yourself if your defense is “old”…oh the summer…it just brings so much life to life.

What does all of this have to do with Perpetual Change playing at The Well June 15th? Well…its summer time, we all have crotches, who doesn’t love Jimminy Cricket, and who hasn’t seen sneaky balls? Exactly. Bring all of those things together and you get one magical night of wtf and beautiful music at The Well with Perpetual Change. It’s like a Hallmark card that makes you cringe in a good way.

So rise up out of the boring and come join us for the incredible as we help you remember that life is meant to be lived and every night you waste you never get back. Its 1,000 times better when you do and 1,001 times better when you bring a friend, and they tell two friends, an they tell two friends, and so on, and so on…and just like Suave does what theirs does for less than half the price, five bucks to hear a Bruce Springsteen cover live from Perpetual Change is orgasimicalistically delicious and an incredible value.

Saturday night. June 15th. The Well. 74th and Wornall in Waldo. Bring your crotch…you’re going to need it.

-Jim TMR

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